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Auditur Periculosum

a Studio release
The Trio of Stridence

Release Year: 2013

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About the tracks:

  1. Jailbait is a Tim Landers composition that originally appeared on the currently unavailable Billy Cobham record titled "Observations & Reflections".
  2. Jaco Pastorius' Havona and Reza are joined together in this medley. Havona is from Weather Report's Heavy Weather, and Reza was a Word of Mouth staple that appeared on the record Invitation among others.
  3. Steve Khan's Dr. Slump is from his Eyewitness record.
  4. Watermelon In Easter Hay was one of Frank Zappa's favorites, and originally appeared on Joe's Garage.
  5. Frank Zappa's King Kong was recorded by many of Frank's bands as well as Jean Luc Ponty. It also appears on Uncle Meat.
  6. Pat Metheny's Unquity Road is from his first solo record Bright Size Life. The Trio of Stridence take on the tune is quite heavy and quite a departure from the original.
  7. Topeka is a Jerry Goodman composition that first appeared on the Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer record Like Children.
  8. The Allan Holdsworth classic I.O.U. is where you'll find the original version of Temporary Fault.
  9. One Of A Kind by Bruford is the source for Hell's Bells.
  10. Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays record As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls title cut. Paul Maragoni fulfills a long time goal in making this recording as a version with drums.
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  1. Jailbait - 5:15
  2. Havona / Reza - 9:17
  3. Dr. Slump - 6:42
  4. Watermelon in Easter Hay 10:50
  5. King Kong - 2:09
  6. Unquity Road - 3:43
  7. Topeka - 4:07
  8. Temporary Fault - 4:20
  9. Hell's Bells - 5:21
  10. As Falls Wichita, so Falls Wichita Falls - 8:35

Peter Bakaja

Paul Marangoni


Luca Mantovanelli: guitar (1,5,6,9)
Allen Hinds: guitar (2,4,7,10)
Alex Milella: guitar (3,4,8)

Reviewed by MJBrady on 30 Aug 2013

Drummer Paul Marangoni leads this project based fusion offering, he is a drummer and as he explains it, he had met with Alex Masi years ago to do some jamming in 2002, after meeting up with a bassist, they became regulars on Mondays at the he Kibitz Room at Canter's Deli, a somewhat famous spot in L.A. He and Masi released a fusion cd under the name The Trio of Stridence - The Pastrami Standards - 2005, the cd (also reviewed here), featured renditions of many fusion songs that were recorded and written by other artists, it was quite a novel idea, and came across to many fusion fans as a great cd.


A few years had passed since that cd, and Paul Marangoni wanted to release a new TOS recording, this time he adds a new bassist - Peter Bakaja, as well as three different guitarists of notable fame: Luca Mantovanelli, Alan Hinds, and Alex Millela. Again taking on the challenge of reinventing some classic fusion/prog songs, they collectively have accomplished another cd that is nothing short of inviting to experience. A good idea to feature different guitarists, as each player brings his own style and personality to the tunes, providing exceptional playing throughout the disc. Also, bassist Bakaja offers a very fluid and technically proficient compliment to the guitars. Love to hear some of these songs back to back with the originals to really get a perspective of contrast. Marangoni is a fine drummer, and his performances command your attention as he provides detailed interplay with the string players, and he also lends quite a bit of added energy to this trio.


Again, another nice release by the "Trio". A neat idea that from judging by the results of the two cds I have heard thus far, could easily provide years of added releases should the outfit continue to take their ideas from the greats of the past. Well done!!