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Pawn Hearts / Still Life

a Compilation/Boxed-Set Cassette release
Van der Graaf Generator

Release Year: 1982

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1982 Charisma CASMC 106 Cassette

This is the sixth in the series of Charisma Doubleplay Cassettes

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Side A: Pawn Hearts
  1. Lemmings (Including Cog)
  2. Man-Erg
  3. A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers
    1. Eyewitness
    2. Pictures/Lighthouse
    3. Eyewitness
    4. S.H.M.
    5. Presence Of The Night
    6. Kosmos Tours
    7. (Custard's) Last Stand
    8. The Clot Thickens
    9. Land's End (Sineline)
    10. We Go Now
Side B: Still Life
  1. Pilgrims
  2. Still Life
  3. La Rossa
  4. My Room (Waiting For Wonderland)
  5. Childlike Faith In Childhood's End

Guy Evans

drums, percussion

Hugh Banton
organs, piano, Mellotron, bass pedal/guitar, synthesizer, vocals

Peter Hammill
lead vocal, guitars, piano

David Jackson
saxophone, flute, vocals


Robert Fripp: guitar on Pawn Hearts

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