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On the Sunday of Life

a Studio release
Porcupine Tree

Release Year: 1992

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Mostly compiled from two prior cassette releases "Tarquin's Seaweed Farm" (1989) and "The Nostalgia Factory" (1990). CD reissued in repackaged and remastered form in November 1997.
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  1. Music for the head (2:42)
  2. Jupiter island (6:12)
  3. Third eye surfer (2:50)
  4. On the Sunday of life... (2:07)
  5. The nostalgia factory (7:28)
  6. Space transmission (2:59)
  7. Message from a self-destructive turnip (0:27)
  8. Radioactive toy (10:00)
  9. Nine cats (3:53)
  10. Hymn (1:14)
  11. Footprints (5:56)
  12. Linton Samuel Dawson (3:04)
  13. And the swallows dance above the sun (4:05)
  14. Queen quotes Crowley (3:48)
  15. No luck with rabbits (0:46)
  16. Begonia seduction scene (2:14)
  17. The long silence (5:05)
  18. It will rain for a million years (10:51)
Steven Wilson
Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
The Expanding Flan
Drums on "Third Eye Surfer"
Solomon St. Jemain
Additional Guitar & Voice on "Queen Quotes Crowley"
Master Timothy Masters

Reviewed by MichelF on 17 Jul 2008

Why review On the Sunday of Life... by Porcupine Tree, a CD, some consider the worst PT album yet? First of all, because I disagree totally with that view and secondly because many bands today are inspired by the psychedelic rock of the late sixties and early seventies, and it's important to recognize that Steve Wilson is a grand master at that game. I may add that from a historical standpoint, this CD is the birth and first avatar of Porcupine Tree, it aids to measure the progress and the evolution the band had made since then. Finally, some will suggest that I'm a biased hardcore fan of Wilson. I can only agree with that.

On the Sunday of Life... (remastered in 2004 by Wilson) is a compilation of material issued on pre-record deal cassettes and released between 1988-91. Of the first three PT albums reissued in 1997, it's the one that Wilson found the least faulty, and I agree with him. He created most of those songs as a teen, what a talent! At that time, PT as a band was not a reality, but it will soon be, for our greatest pleasure of course. It is entirely a Steve Wilson CD with few guest musicians.

I will give here my freely form impressions when I listen to this neglected gem. Music for the head offer us a great ambient beginning. Jupiter Island is a superb psychedelic song in the spirit of the early Pink Floyd, but much better in my view. It is fun, merry and terribly catchy, a real ear worm and one of my favorite on this CD: come on let's fly to Jupiter Island. Third eye surfer is substantial with its drums and sound effects, and is very experimental in tone like an introduction to the next piece. On the Sunday of Life... title track is full of effects. The nostalgia factory seems to continue what begun in the two previous pieces. The vocal is here very strange. All the elements that made PT great are already present: catchy chorus, great beat, excellent musicianship and composition. Space transmission sounds like Tangerine Dream on Alpha Centaury but with a narrator. Message from a self-destructive turnip may be viewed as the conclusion of the previous track. Radioactive toy is a great song, no doubt about it, one of the best on this CD, a true progressive gem. Nine cats is a very nice ballad, a folk oriented interlude that became more and more complex as it evolved. Hymn returns to the experimental sounds and voice effects. Footprints is nostalgic with a great guitar line and solo. It is for me another highlight of the album. Linton Samuel Dawson is more pop oriented with a high pitched vocal boosted with helium; a curious and funny song. And the swallows dance above the sun, do you know that bad girls go to Hell, I am pretty sure Wilson is not afraid of bad girls. This song reminds me of Cream. Queen quotes Crowley is another song introduce by a narrator, a thing we will see on other projects by PT. This piece seems absolutely perfect for a bad LSD trip. No luck with rabbits is a short piece, a transition to Begonia seduction scene which shows a delightful acoustic guitar. The long silence is another example of Wilson mastery of great beat; an excellent song full of effects. It will rain for a million years finishes strongly and is a great contribution to progressive rock.

I recommend this CD not only for the hardcore fan of PT, but also for all the lovers of psychedelic rock.

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