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a Studio release

Release Year: 2012

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Produced by Jeff Hamel

Mastering by Steve Carrao at Sage Audio

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  1. In Memory of …
  2. VOZ I – New World
  3. VOZ II – Crossing Meridian
  4. VOZ III – Approaching Storm
  5. VOZ IV – Milestone
  6. VOZ V – Whispers
  7. VOZ VI – Freefall
  8. VOZ VII – Darkened Worlds
  9. VOZ VIII – Rise to the Surface
  10. VOZ IX – Skies Clear
  11. VOZ X – Voyage Ends


  1. Zosimos Sleeps
  2. Becoming
  3. Spirits Dwell
  4. Around the Sun
  5. Hyperbole
  6. Becoming (Reprise)
  7. Red Skies

Jeff Hamel

Guitars, Keyboards

Mike Kosacek

Drums, Percussion

David Cagle, Tara Morgan, Chris Hodges, Celine Derval


Reviewed by MJBrady on 13 Apr 2013

Jeff Hamel the ideaman behind Majestic, has been a busy composer since he started this operation, here he has achieved the pinnacle of his endeavors with V.O.Z. This cd encompasses great artwork, and some ear friendly, adventurous symphonic, and rock driven prog. Quite an accomplishment for what can be considered essentially a solo artist, who happens to call this a band. 


Having only a limited knowledge of his history, or Majestic's for that matter, I had come across a comparison that seems quite valid, and that is to the sound of Arjen Anthony Lucasssens - Ayreon.  Yet there are more stylistic sounds that permeate this band's sound, bands like  Magellan, and just a hint of Symphony X without the over the top playing. regardless, it's not bad at all, and is very well produced. It's a lot of music to take in, being it is a 2 cd set,  and clocking in at just under 2 hours.  You have to dedicate quite a time slot to fully ingest the bands' music, let alone the fact that it is a conceptual presentation. Either way, it has a good flow, and doesn't seem to bog down in some of the traps of so called "filler" that these longer cds can fall into. 


Idea wise, I give Majestic pretty decent marks, musician wise is where it may be lacking for this style, drumming is good, and the keys are well established, yet it is Hamel's guitar playing that could be revved up a couple notches. Otherwise, I have to credit him for his ambitious effort from a creative effort.