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a Studio release
Children in Paradise

Release Year: 2011

Date Label Catalog # Comments
06 Jan 2012 CD, Digital

Produced by Dam Kat & Gwalchmei
Music by  Dam Kat
Lyrics by Dam Kat & Gwalchmei
Mixing, mastering, and arrangements by Patrick Boileau

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  1. Little Butterfly
  2. King Arthur’s Death
  3. My Song
  4. The Battle
  5. Esyllt
  6. Silent Agony
  7. Don’t Forget Me
  8. I’m Not Scared
  9. Look Around You
  10. I’m Alive

Avec Gwalchmei (Gwalc'hmei)

Dam Kat (Kathy Millot)
Vocals, Guitar, Rhodes

Patrick Boileau

Hilaire Rama

Loic Bléjean
Uilleann Pipes & Low Whistle

Philippe Turbin
Piano, Keyboards


Pat O May: Guitar
Clotilde Trouillaud: Harp