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Journey to the Centre of the Earth FanPack

a Studio release
Rick Wakeman

Release Year: 2012

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Released 20 Nov 2012.

This Rick Wakeman Fanpack is based around the his 1974 release called Journey To The Centre Of The Earth.


In a Fanpack exclusive, it has been re-recorded and is presented in its' entirety for the first time. Restored are 20 minutes of new material cut from the original due to time restrictions, as well as material unearthed from the original score that had long been thought lost.


The Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Fanpack features the new album in full plus a 132-page magazine that forms the ultimate sleevenotes to accompany the album, with extensive and exclusive interviews with Rick Wakeman and the musicians, conductor and production staff involved in recording of this release.

Fanpack includes:

  • Full re-recorded album Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
  • 132-page magazine
  • Replica programme from 1974 Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Tour
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  1. Journey/Recollection (21:10)
  2. Battle/The Forest (18:57)


Rick Wakeman


Gary Pickford-Hopkins,
Ashley Holt

Mike Egan

Roger Newell

Barney James

David Hemmings

The London Symphony Orchestra

The English Chamber Choir

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