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The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays the Music of Rush

a Studio release
Tributes: Rush

Release Year: 2012

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Released by Purple Pyramid Records (a division of Cleopatra Records) on November 13, 2012.

The RPO, formed in 1946 and based in London, has been called “The Nation’s Favourite Orchestra.”  It has had internationally known maestros like Andre Previn and Louis Clark, and has toured the world.  The RPO is a best-selling and adventurous recording entity as well.  In 1969, it recorded a concerto for Deep Purple, composed by the band’s organist Jon Lord.  It earned a top ten U.S. single in 1982 with “Hooked on Classics.” Over the years, RPO has orchestrally arranged Pink Floyd, Oasis, Queen, R.E.M., Madonna, and Abba.

Special guest guitarists include Steve Rothery of Marillion and Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden.

The Orchestra was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, conducted by BAFTA Award-winning musician and composer Richard Harvey.  Harvey performed with the prog rock group Gryphon and as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (specializing in mediaeval and Renaissance periods), worked with many folk and rock musicians such as Richard and Linda Thompson, Kate Bush, and Sweet.  He has toured and recorded with John Williams, and has performed and composed film/TV soundtracks for more than thirty years.


The album was produced by James Graydon and Richard Cottle, who also arranged all the music.

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  1. 2112 Overture
  2. The Spirit of Radio
  3. Tom Sawyer
  4. Red Barchetta
  5. Subdivisions
  6. Fly By Night
  7. Closer to the Heart
  8. Limelight
  9. Working Man

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Orchestra conducted by Richard Harvey

The Windrush Choir



Steve Rothery:  Guitar on Working Man

Adrian Smith:  Guitar on Red Barchetta