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North Amerian Tour 2012: Irving Plaza, New York City, USA on 13 June 2012

an Official Booleg release

Release Year: 2012

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Recorded Live, direct from the Mixing Desk at Irving Plaza, New York City, USA on 13 June 2012.

The source for this download was the main outputs of the live mixing desk - so while the audio is of a high quality, it is being mixed for the venue, therefore each release has a slightly different character.

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Entry Last Updated on: 10/17/2012 6:59:00 AM by: Rob
  1. Splintering Heart
  2. Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)
  3. Slainte Mhath
  4. Out of This World
  5. Estonia
  6. Somewhere Else
  7. Afraid of Sunlight
  8. The Great Escape
  9. Cannibal Surf Babe
  10. Lucky Man
  11. Between You and Me
  12. Neverland
  13. This Strange Engine
  14. Kayleigh
  15. Three Minute Boy

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