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Albedo 039

a Studio release

Release Year: 1976

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1976 LP
Portions of this CD were used in the sountrack for the Carl Sagen TV series played on American Pubic Television called Cosmos
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  1. Pulstar (5:45)
  2. Free Fall (2:20)
  3. Mare Tranquillitatis (1:45)
  4. Main Sequence (8:15)
  5. Sword Of Orion (2:05)
  6. Alpha (5:45)
  7. Nucleogenesis (Part One) (6:15)
  8. Nucleogenesis (Part Two) (5:50)
  9. Albedo 0.39 (4:30)
Keyboards, Drums

Reviewed by DBSilver on 22 Mar 2002

I bought this album when it was released. At the time I was a traning manager for the Missle Maintenance division at a US Air Force Base in Cheyenne Wyoming. One of my tasks was to construct Missle, Nuclear, and Explosive Safety training classes which our maintenance people were responsible for attending once or twice every year. For the Missle Safety class I used the first track - Pulsar - as part of the opening multimedia display which was integrated with slides. I mention this because I had long forgotten this period and this song until I played this CD recently.

Pulsar is a great song - proggy, energenic, and accessible. In fact, all of the tracks are rather good (and I am not a big fan of the majority of Vangelis output) Songs range from keyboard fusion - Main Sequence to electronic keyboard rock/prog Pulsar to near New Age Alpha.

The track Alpha will be recognized by many listeners from it's use on the American Public Television series Cosmos by Carl Sagen. This is another fabulous song and togther with the invigorating Pulsar and the powerfull title track Albedo 0.39 (where a narrator recites astronomy facts, concluding with the reflectivity - the Albedo - of the Earth while the song is playing), makes a spin of this disc a rewarding experience.