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I Walked Into The Silver Darkness

a Studio release
Mark Wingfield - Kevin Kastning

Release Year: 2011

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 Released worldwide by Greydisc Records (GDR 3508) on June 21, 2011.

All compositions by Mark Wingfield and Kevin Kastning

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  1. Air Distance Transform - 5:43
  2. From All the Green Around You - 5:45
  3. The Sharp Crucible of Autumn - 7:20
  4. Long Quiet Transform of a Thousand Skies - 4:27
  5. Secret Density - 7:28
  6. The Mirror of Here - 6:04
  7. Scattered Rain of Sleep - 1:59
  8. What When Winter Comes - 4:33
  9. Into Equilibrium Hesitation - 1:45
  10. Arch of Unimagined Bridges - 6:51
  11. A Dark Unscathed - 6:40
  12. An Image Seen Through - 5:09
  13. Things Left Unspoken - 4:47

Mark Wingfield

electric guitar, samples

Kevin Kastning

14-string contraguitar, 6-string classical guitar, 12-string extended baritone guitar, fretless guitar.

Reviewed by Marc on 26 Oct 2012


Listening to I Walked Into the Silver Darkness  we get some very slick guitar improvisations (as much as I can tell) that, on the most part, I would qualify as dark ambient music. Mark Wingfield and Kevin Kastning certainly are gifted and talented guitar players to be able to produce such a high level of instrumental music. Also, the production of this CD is just great. Listening with my headphones, I was blown away by the sound quality on this record.


However, most of the pieces on I Walked Into The Silver Darkness are not easily digested by the listener. I would make references with the more experimental and ambient works of Robert Fripp and David Torn to give a general idea of what to expect here.


Those into experimental improvised music should certainly give Mark Wingfield and Kevin Kastning a try, because their new CD can easely be compared to those of the more famous musicians I mentioned in this review.