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After A Lengthy Silence

a Studio release
French TV

Release Year: 1987

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Second release
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 2/26/2002 12:00:00 AM
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  1. One of the Jones Boys
  2. You Fool! You Broke the Yolks!
  3. Friendly Enzymes
  4. ...And the Dead Dog Lept Up and Flew Around the Room!
  5. Go Like This
  6. Vacilando
Artie Bratton
Fenner Castner
Steve Roberts
synthesizer and piano
Mike Sary

Reviewed by MJBrady on 28 Feb 2002

As is always the case with French TV, you are going to hear a complex potpourri of musical influences. They have taked the sqounking mayhem of RIO, and made it more accessable with the addition of fusion tendancies, and some progressive rock slants as well. It's a perfect solution for those who are not able to withstand the abstractness of RIO, as French TV has taken the often misunderstood genre, and created their own take on it by keeping the ensemble, and rhythm play very tightly knit and well structured, something that can be found missing in many RIO bands. If I can try to make a reference, though a stretch, French TV's music is somewhat reminescent of Zappa's instrumental explorations in the mid to late 70's. This is a band for those with a long patience for deciphering the complicated metering, and odd time signatures. As this is the bands forte, along with the interesting sax and guitar duets, they are creating some of the more challenging music in the progressive scene. All instrumental (with the exception of a remake of Nektar's - A Tab in the ocean), highly creative, very original, and innovative is what French TV is, well worth the prospective buyers interest.