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The First Day

a Studio release

Release Year: 2012

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Released by Unicorn Records (UNCR-5081)

This is the band's first release with new bass/vocalist Sylvain Auclair (ex-Heaven's Cry).

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  1. The First Day
  2. Hypnotic
  3. Rest My Head
  4. The Word
  5. Number 10
  6. Why
  7. Brother
  8. Djoko
  9. Water

Sylvain Auclair
bass, vocals

Simon L' Esperance

Mingan Sauriol

Thomas Brodeur

Reviewed by Marc on 11 Sep 2012


Big news! Karcius has a new bass player. Not really such big news? Well Sylvain Auclair is not only a bass player, he is a lead singer so Karcius is no longer an instrumental Prog/Fusion band, but a Prog band playing song based material that I would certainly not consider "Radio friendly", but clearly more accessible than on previous CDs.


I can guess that some will be surprised or even disappointed by this major change. I'm not one of them. I did enjoy the band's previous music, but I'm someone who usually enjoys his Prog with a mixture of instrumental sections and singing (with a number of exceptions I may add).


Like on their previous CDs, Karcius offers on The First Day some music with a large palette of inspirations (Fusion/Rock/Prog/Reggae...) but manages to blend them in a very smooth way. Most of the tracks have nice hooks and ear catching melodies, even though the music is mostly pretty intense and even a little dark. All the compositions are strong and extremely well performed. Sylvain Auclair has a nice gritty voice and an excellent technique. Perhaps a mixture of Sting/Eddie Vedder/Adrian Belew can give an idea of what to expect. The singing is in english with no accent.


In conclusion, The First Day is a great CD from a band that is evolving in a very insteresting direction. This one will most certainly be in my "top ten" albums of the year. Highly recommended with no reservations at all. Great stuff!!