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Sounds That Can't Be Made

a Studio release

Release Year: 2012

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With a September 2012 release and preorders availble in June 2012, this CD comes in 2 issue types:

  • The Standard 1-CD Release:
    This version will be a 1CD Jewel case version of the album containing song lyrics and condensed album artwork.
  • Deluxe Campaign Collectors CD Edition:
    This version will include 128 pages of artwork and lyrics presented in a deluxe hard back book. This collectors edition will also contain an extra DVD disc featuring interviews with the band and a selection of tracks performed live at the Racket Club; all filmed during various stages of the making of the album.
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  1. Gaza
  2. Sounds That Can't Be Made
  3. Pour My Love
  4. Power
  5. Montreal
  6. Invisible Ink
  7. Lucky Man
  8. The Sky Above The Rain

Special Edition Additional Tracks:

  1. Wrapped Up In Time (Radio Session)
  2. Power (Radio Session)
  3. Pour My Love (Radio Session)
  4. Lucky Man (Demo Arrangement)
  5. Sounds That Can't Be Made (Live in Holland)
  6. Invisible Ink  (Live in Holland)

Steve Hogarth

Steven Rothery

Pete Trewavas

Mark Kelly

Ian Mosley

Reviewed by Marc on 18 Oct 2012


The latest album from Marillion had high hopes preceding it's coming out a few weeks ago (with myself included), this for a few reasons. Firstly, the band had not put out a proper studio album in 3 or 4 years (a long period for them). Secondly, they had leeked a couple tracks, one being the epic length "Gaza", a powerful and progressive piece that musically was sure to please their fans (the lyrics are controversial, but I will leave this debate to others)..


Having now given the album quite a few spins in the last weeks, I must admit that I did not find a weak track on Sounds that can't be made, covering most of Hogarth led Marillion's musical styles. For me this CD is their strongest since Marbles and will certainly be one that I will revisit often in the coming years. Being French Canadian, I must mention the track "Montreal", that was written as an hommage to their faithful Québécois fans. It is a very beautiful piece of music that deeply moves me.


Thanks again to Marillion for being still able to produce such great music, after more than 30 years and a bundle of albums. Hopefully there is still much to come from this dedicated band.


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