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Spiritual Revolution

a Studio release
Sailor Free

Release Year: 2012

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Produced by David Petrosino

Spiritual and practical collaborations:

Nik Redian: writings, web art and creative consulting

Terrence Briscoe: cover design, drawings & 3D

Sound by: Raimondo Mosci and Gianmario Lussana


Sprititual Revolution is a concept album inspired by the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkein.

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Entry Last Updated on: 12/4/2012 6:25:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Spiritual Ouverture
  2. A New World
  3. The Run
  4. Betray
  5. The Curse
  6. Daeron
  7. Spiritual Revolution
  8. War
  9. The Entropia
  10. Faithless
  11. Beyond the Borders
  12. Break the Cycle
  13. My Brain
  14. A Great Hope

David Petrosino
voice, keyboards, guitar

Stefano Barelli ("The Hook")

Alphonso Nini

Stefano Tony

Reviewed by Marc on 04 Jan 2013


Spiritual Revolution is a concept album by Italian Prog/Metal band Sailor Free. It offers a string of short to middle range tracks of mostly song based pieces, backed by powerfull and heavy soundscapes.


The music, although pretty much always on the heavy side of the spectre, can  also be melodic and even radio friendly at times. It never gets technical, so don't expect something approaching Dream Theater for example. Lead singer Daniel Petrosino has a powerfull and virile voice. He sings in english with no detectable accent.


Spiritual Revolution should certainly interest fans of heavy, intense, melodic and intelligent Prog related Hard Rock/Metal music. The musicians performances are excellent and the writing and composing very good. This CD is certainly of professional quality, including the packaging, that is one of the best I have seen for an independent production.


Check out this excellent Italian band if you are into this mucial genre.