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Finnegan's Wake - James Joyce [Sonic Poem Series]

a Studio release
Tangerine Dream

Release Year: 2011

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Eastgate (054)
James Joyce is represented in this poem set to music by Tangerine Dream as part of their Sonic Poem Series.
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  1. The Sensational Fall Of The Master Builder
  2. Finnegans Excessive Wake
  3. Resurrection By The Spirit
  4. Mother Of All Sources
  5. The Warring Forces Of The Twins
  6. Three Quarks For Muster Mark
  7. Everling's Mythical Letter
  8. Hermaphrodite
Edgar Froese
Thorsten Quaeschning
keyboards, Electronics, vocalist
Linda Spa
flute, clarinet, saxophone ,backing vocals

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