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Tribute to Pim Koopman

a Video release

Release Year: 2011

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Tribute concert recording of 22 november 2010, Paradiso, Amsterdam. Kayak-drummer Pim Koopman died in 2009 and has wordked as a drummer for Kayak but was also known as a writer, procuder and voice-over.
Artists he worked with and wrote for:
Alides Hidding, André Hazes ,Anita Meyer, Concrete, De Hollanders, Diesel, Dick Rienstra, Ebony, Flavium, Flyin’ Spiderz, Gina de Wit , Jeff van Vliet, Hansje, Herman van Veen, José, Kayak, Leo Koster Band, Lucy Steymel, Marcel de Groot, Marco Borsato, Maria Verano, Maywood, Michael Robinson, Nick Hall, Partner, Pater Moeskroen, Patricia Paay, Paul de Leeuw, Petra Berger, Powerplay , Pussycat, Robby Valentine, Sandy Coast, Sasja Brouwers, Shocking Blue, Sugar Lee Hooper, The Boxx, The President, Time Bandits, Toni Willé , Valensia, Vitesse , Willeke Alberti, Zenga,

Besides Kayak other dutch artists pay tribute to him: Diesel, The President, Pussycat, Alides Hidding, Jose Hoebee en Caren van Kessel (ex Maywood).
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  1. Parallel Universe/Wintertime
  2. See, see the sun
  3. Land on the water
  4. Man in the cocoon
  5. Act of despair
  6. 23
  7. Nobody wins
  8. Hold me forever
  9. Because I
  10. Selfmade castle
  11. Mammoth
  12. When the seer looks away
  13. Well done
  1. Teenage Queenie ( Pussycat)
  2. I'm specialized in you ( Time Bandits)
  3. You gonna like it ( The President)
  4. Rio ( Maywood)
  5. Rosalyn (Vitesse - Syb van der Ploeg)
  6. I will follow him ( José Hoebee)
  7. Song for a Friend ( Michael Robinson)
  8. Samantha (Diesel)
  9. Sausalito Summernights ( Diesel)
  10. Kayak:

  11. Ruthless Queen
  12. Chance for a lifetime
  13. Starlight dancer
  14. Avalon
Hans Voerman
Ton Scherpenzeel
Hans Eijkenaar
Edward Reekers
Cindy Oudshoorn
Jan van Olffen
bass, vocals
Rob Vunderink
guitars, vocals
Joost Vergoossen
    The president
    Syb van de Ploeg
    Jose Hoebee
    Michael Ribinson

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