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a Compilation/Boxed-Set release

Release Year: 2001

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A treasure of Demos-Rough Mixes-Unreleased studio material and some bonus tracks and video's.
Pallas is one if the first bands who are releasing a CD in Mp-3 compression
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    Arrive Alive (1979-1981)
  1. Birth of Arrive Alive
  2. Stranger on the Edge of Time
  3. The Hammer Falls
  4. Arrive Alive
  5. The Ripper
  6. Radio Silence

    The Sentinel (1986-1993)

  7. Rise And Fall
  8. A New Age Dawns
  9. Scrolls
  10. The Cell
  11. Flashpoint-2
  12. East West
  13. The Calm Before The Storm
  14. March on Atlantis
  15. Atlantis
  16. Ark Of Infinity
  17. Birth Of Shock Treatment
  18. Cut And Run

    The Missing Album (1983-1984)

  19. The Lighthouse
  20. Logo
  21. 12-String
  22. Win or Lose
  23. Nightmare
  24. Mad Machine
  25. A Stitch in Time

    The Wedge (1985)

  26. Dance through the Fire
  27. The Executioner
  28. Imagination
  29. Rat Racing
  30. Call to Arms
  31. The Knightmoves On
  32. Inside Outside In
  33. Win or Lose
  34. Dinosaur
  35. Sound and Vision

    Voices in the Dark (1986-1993)

  36. Apart At The Seams
  37. Voices In The Dark
  38. Refugee
  39. War Of Words
  40. Never Too Late
  41. We All Go To Heaven
  42. Children Of The Bomb

    Beat the Drum (1996-1998)

  43. Beat The Drum (1996 demo)
  44. Insomniac
  45. Blood And Roses and Beat The Drum
    (work in progress from sampler tape)

    Cross and the Crucible 2001

  46. Dreamland
  47. Requiem
  48. Who’s To Blame
  49. The Blinding Darkness
  50. Generations
  51. The Midas Touch
    (demos, work in progress and jams)


  52. North Tonight Mini Feature (Summer 1983)
  53. Eyes in The Night Interview ( North Tonight February 1984 including section of promo video)
  54. Atlantis (End Section) and Win Or Lose (North Tonight Summer 1984)
  55. Dance Through The Fire and Imagination (Summer 1985 from “The Video Show”) With thanks to Grampian TV.
Ronnie Brown
Korg Synthesizer, Kurzweil Synthesizer, Ensoniq EPS, Roland Synthesizer, Roland D50
Niall Mathewson
Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Tambourine, Amplifiers
Graeme Murray
Bass, Vocals, Fretless Bass, Bass Pedals, Effects, Amplifiers
Alan Reed
Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
Colin Fraser
Cymbals, Drums, Roland Synthesizer
Euan Lowson