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Dark & Early Smiles

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
The Black Noodle Project

Release Year: 2012

Date Label Catalog # Comments
15 Jan 2012 Oskar Productions Oskar 1054 2CD
Dark & Early Smiles, is a double Cd that contains 25 unreleased and newly mastered demos
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Disc 1 - Early Smiles

  1. The Rise of Helios (Helios)
  2. Fight for Glory (Helios)
  3. The Return (Helios)
  4. Hang on, little Girl (Stereoscope)
  5. Out of Gum (demo)
  6. Squares & Circles (demo)
  7. To Pink from Blue (demo)
  8. This Stranger they Used to Call Me (demo)
  9. The Words I have (demo)
  10. Loveless Eyes (demo)
  11. A Flight over the Sun (demo)
  12. Time has Passed (demo)
  13. Where Everything is Dark (demo)
  14. She Prefers her Dreams (demo)

Disc 2 - Dark Smiles...

  1. A Bleeding Life (demo)
  2. Before the Dawn (demo)
  3. Disappeared (demo)
  4. Untill I Die (demo)
  5. Maybe Yesterday (demo)
  6. Somewhere Between Here and There (demo)
  7. Unliving Future (demo)
  8. Do it Alone (demo)
  9. Piece of an Old and Dark Feeling (demo)
  10. As if I were Dead (demo)
  11. Face the Truth (demo)
Jeremie Grima
Guitars, Vocals
Anthony Leteve
Matthieu Jaubert
Franck Girault
Sebastien Bourdeix