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Baby James Harvest

a Studio release
Barclay James Harvest

Release Year: 1972

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1972 LP
UK Catalogue No.: Harvest SHSP 4023
Reissued and remasted 2003 with 10 bonus tracks
The 'baby' theme was the idea of Ian Cassie, one of the band's managers at the time. The photographer was Julian Cottrell, and the baby is his son! The title came from the finished artwork, although it is probably also a jokey reference to James Taylor's classic album from 1970, Sweet Baby James. Original copies have an inner sleeve listing the performers on each song, which is absent from later reissues.
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  1. Crazy Over (You)
  2. Delph Town Morn
  3. Summer Soldier
  4. Thank You
  5. One Hundred Thousand Smiles Out
  6. Moonwater

    10 Bonus Tracks on the CD Reissue:
  7. Child of Man
  8. I'm Over You
  9. When the City Sleeps
  10. Breathless
  11. Thank You (Alternative version)
  12. Medicine Man (Single version)
  13. Rock and Roll Woman
  14. The Joker
  15. Child of Man (BBC session)
  16. Moonwater (2002 remix)
Stewart Wooly Wolstenholme
Keyboards, Vocals
John Lees
Guitar, Vocals
Les Holroyd
Bass, Vocals
Mel Pritchard
Donald Banks,
Dave Browning,
Brom Harvey,
Lennie Moakes
Frank Brierley,
Frank Dixon,
Austin Gleave,
Muff King
Bill Newton,
Barry Thomas,
George Wall,
Nat Whitworth,
Norman Brown

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