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La Vie Electronique 07

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
Klaus Schulze

Release Year: 2010

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MIG 00162

La Vie Electronique is a series of 3-disc CD releases by Klaus Schulze, reissuing material from his limited edition 50-disc CD box set The Ultimate Edition (2000), which itself collected the previously released limited edition multi-disc box sets Silver Edition (1993, 10 discs), Historic Edition (1995, 10 discs), and Jubilee Edition (1997, 25 discs), along with an additional 5 discs. The series began in 2009 with a plan to release all the music from The Ultimate Edition in chronological order.

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  1. Re: People I Know (40:24)
  2. Avec Arthur (37:34)


  1. Crazy Nietzsche (43:16)
  2. The Future (28:19)
  3. Interview 1979 (2:30)


  1. My Virtual Principles (62:53)
  2. Die Erde ist rund (11:56)

Klaus Schulze
All instruments


Harald Grosskopf: Drums

Arthur Brown: Vocals

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