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Live Beyond Reality

a Live Video release

Release Year: 2011

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On May 28th 2011 Mangrove will release live recordings for the first time on DVD. A special launch party will be held on this date at W2, Den Bosch (NL) to celebrate this. The DVD will be suitably entitled ‘Live Beyond Reality’. It is all about the recordings that were made during the cd release party of the critically acclaimed album ‘Beyond Reality’ that was held at Gigant, Apeldoorn (NL) in 2009. This DVD will be the first one in a series of three DVDs that will be released in succession. Among this series of course the DVD show at ‘De Boerderij’, Zoetermeer (NL) will also be featured. Furthermore the unique acoustic show “More or Less…” will be released on disc as part of this series. “At first we did not intend to release these recordings on DVD. But we didn’t want to keep it away from our fans. There were some magical moments.” says Chris Jonker, keyboard player of the band that will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. During the last decade Mangrove has built a solid live reputation. The show in W2 Den Bosch is a unique chance to see Mangrove performing live this spring. And it is also the first opportunity to get hold of a copy of the brand new DVD.
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    Set 1 - The Black Show
  1. Fear the Day
  2. Facing the Sunset
  3. Zone III
  4. Fatal Sign
  5. Wizard of Tunes
  6. City of Darkness
  7. There Must Be Another Way
  8. Set 2 - The White Show

  9. Daydreamers's Nightmare
  10. Time Will Tell
  11. Love and Beyond
  12. Reality Fades
  13. Beyond Reality
  14. Voyager
Roland van der Horst
guitars, vocals
Remco Engels
drums, vocals
Pieter Drost
Chris Jonker

Reviewed by Rob on 08 Oct 2011

In a timespan of 10 years Mangrove is a well appreciated Neo/sympho band from the Netherlands releasing their own material by Mangrovian Music.

After four studio albums and one live album this is their first DVD.

The concert recording from 27 juni 2009 - Beyond Reality Live at the Gigant (Apeldoorn, NL)- is again self produced and was the evening of the CD presentation of Beyond Reality.

First set of this concert is The Black Show. This is because of the black clothes the band is wearing.
The set contains a kind of Best of from their previous work. The album is praised and recommended in many reviews. Their best album so far !!
The first part of the concert builts up to from the acoustic Fear by Day to one of my favourites There must be another day with an amazing guitar solo.

Instrumentaly the are amazing and they show passionate and enthousiasm in ther performance. The only criticism i can bring up is the vocal parts of Ronald van der Horst. His voice is not powerfull and is sometimes insecure but i don't mind.
Overall it's a delite to listen to Mangrove's music.

In their 10 year carrier this memorable concert recording is a milestone to hopefully a much longer carrier. Therefor this is a must to Mangrove fans.
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