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a Live release

Release Year: 2007

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Live recording with covers of:
  • Bedshaped-Keane
  • Six Months in a Leaky Boat-Split Enz
  • The King is Half-Undressed-Jellyfish
  • Good Morning Good Morning-The Beatles
  • Accidents Will Happen-Elvis Costello
  • She Goes On-Crowded House
  • Toxic-Britney Spears
  • Blackberry Way-The Move
  • Everybody Hurts-REM
  • Money Money Money-ABBA
  • Hocus Pocus-Focus
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  1. The Release
  2. Built-in Bastard Radar
  3. You Don't Need Anyone
  4. Holloway Girl
  5. Bedshaped
  6. Six Months in a Leaky Boat
  7. Number One
  8. The King is Half-Undressed
  9. Good Morning Good Morning
  10. These Chains
  11. Accidents Will Happen
  12. The Bell in the Sea
  13. She Goes On
  14. I Will Walk on Water
  15. Toxic
  16. Blackberry Way
  17. Everybody Hurts
  18. Money Money Money
  19. Hocus Pocus
Steve Hogarth
Mark Kelly
Ian Mosley
Steve Rothery
Pete Trewavas
Bass, vocals

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