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Front Row Club Issue 13 (Ahoy Rotterdam, Netherlands, 29 September 1995)

an Official Booleg release

Release Year: 2003

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Originally recorded to multi-track tape, and used partially on the official live release, Made Again, this FRC release features the entire show. It features a rare performance of 'White Russian' plus the AOS B-Side 'Icon' as an intro to 'Beautiful.' Due to the 2-hour time limitation of the source DAT, the final encore 'Garden Party' is unavailable, and not included.
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  1. Incommunicado
  2. Hooks in You
  3. Gazpacho
  4. Beautiful
  5. Hotel Hobbies (Intro)
  6. White Russian
  7. Easter
  8. Goodbye to All That
  9. Hard as Love
  10. Hollow Man
  1. Kayleigh
  2. Lavender
  3. Afraid of Sunlight
  4. Cannibal Surf Babe
  5. Cover My Eyes
  6. Slainte Mhath
  7. King
  8. Splintering Heart
  9. No One Can
  10. The Great Escape
  11. Uninvited Guest
Steve Hogarth
Mark Kelly
Ian Mosley
Steve Rothery
Pete Trewavas
Bass, vocals

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