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Working Backwards: 1983-1973

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
Brian Eno

Release Year: 1983

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Editions EG (EGBS 2)
This is an 11 disc boxed set. Music For Films Volume 2 & Rarities were only available in this box at the time of this release.
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  1. Here Come The Warm Jets (1973)
      1. Needle In The Camel's Eye
      2. The Pap Paw Negro Blowtorch
      3. Baby's On Fire
      4. Cindy Tells Me
      5. Driving Me Backwards
      1. On Some Faraway Beach
      2. Blank Frank
      3. Dead Finks Don't Talk
      4. Some Of Them Are Old
      5. Here Come The Warm Jets
  2. Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy (1974)
      1. Burning Airlines Give You So Much Fun
      2. Back In Judy's Jungle
      3. The Fat Lady Of Limbourg
      4. Mother Whale Eyeless
      5. The Great Pretender
      1. Third Straw
      2. Put A Straw Under Baby
      3. The True Wheel
      4. China My China
      5. Taking Tiger Mountain
  3. Another Green World (1975)
      1. Sky Saw
      2. Over Fire Island
      3. St. Elmo's Fire
      4. In Dark Trees
      5. The Big Ship
      6. I'll Come Running
      7. Another Green World
      1. Sombre Reptiles
      2. Little Fishes
      3. Golden Hours
      4. Becalmed
      5. Zawinul / Lava
      6. Everything Merges With The Night
      7. Spirits Drifting
  4. Discreet Music (1975)
      1. Discreet Music
      1. Fullness Of Wind
      2. French Catalogues
      3. Brutal Ardour
  5. Before And After Science (1977)
      1. No One Receiving
      2. Backwater
      3. Kurt's Rejoinder
      4. Energy Fools The Mountain
      5. King's Lead Hat
      1. Here He Comes
      2. Julie With...
      3. By This River
      4. Through Hollow Lands (For Harold Budd)
      5. Spider And I
  6. Music For Films (1978)
      1. Aragon
      2. From The Same Hill
      3. Inland Sea
      4. Two Rapid Formations
      5. Slow Water
      6. Sparrowfall (1)
      7. Sparrowfall (2)
      8. Sparrowfall (3)
      9. Alternative 3
      1. Quartz
      2. Events In Dense Fog
      3. 'There Is Nobody'
      4. Patrolling Wire Borders
      5. A Measured Room
      6. Task Force
      7. M386
      8. Strange Light
      9. Final Sunset
  7. Ambient 1: Music For Airports (1978)
      1. 1/1
      2. 1/2
      1. 2/1
      2. 22
  8. Ambient 4: On Land (1982)
      1. Lizard Point
      2. The Lost Day
      3. Tal Coat
      4. Shadow
      1. Lantarn Marsh
      2. Unfamiliar Wind
      3. A Clearing
      4. Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960
  9. Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks (1983)
      1. Under Stars
      2. The Secret Place
      3. Matta
      4. Signals
      5. An Ending (Ascent)
      6. Under Stars II
      7. Drift
      1. Silver Morning
      2. Deep Blue Day
      3. Weightless
      4. Always Returning
      5. Stars
  10. Music For Films Volume 2
      1. The Dove
      2. Roman Twilight
      3. Matta
      4. Dawn, Marshland
      5. Climate Study
      6. The Secret Place
      7. An Ending
      1. Always Returning I
      2. Signals
      3. Under Stars
      4. Drift Study
      5. Approaching Taidu
      6. Always Returning II
  11. Rarities
      1. Seven Deadly Finns
      2. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)
      1. Strong Flashes Of Light
      2. More Volts
      3. Mist / Rhythm
Brian Eno
Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Performer, Mixing
Phil Manzanera,
Robert Fripp,
Chris Spedding
Lloyd Watson
Guitar, Slide Guitar
Andy MacKay
Keyboards, Saxophone
John Wetton,
Busta Cherry Jones,
Bill MacCormick,
Chris Thomas
Paul Rudolph
Bass, Guitar
Nick Judd,
Nick Kool,
Simon King,
Marty Simon,
Paul Thompson,
Paul Thompson
Brian Eno
Synthesizer, Guitar, Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals, Electronic Sounds, Producer, Performer, Electronics
Phil Collins
Percussion, Drums
Phil Manzanera
Guitar, Arranger, Assistant Producer
Robert Wyatt
Percussion, Background Vocals
Polly Eltes
Andy MacKay
Keyboards, Saxophone, Brass
Portsmouth Sinfonia
Randi and the Pyramids
Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Brian Turrington
Randit The Pyramids
Choir, Chorus
Fred Smith
Brian Eno
Organ, Synthesizer, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Vocals, Farfisa Organ, Bass Pedals, Tapes
John Cale
Keyboards, Viola
Phil Collins
Percussion, Drums
Robert Fripp
Percy Jones
Bass, Fretless Bass
Roderick Melvin
Keyboards, Fender Rhodes
Paul Rudolph
Bass, Guitar, Drums (Snare)
Brian Turrington
Bass, Piano
Brian Eno
vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion, bass
    Paul Rudolph
    bass, guitar
    Percy Jones
    fretless bass
    Bill MacCormick,
    Brian Turrington
    Phil Collins,
    Dave Mattacks,
    Jaki Liebezeit,
    Andy Fraser
    Phil Manzanera
    Fred Frith,
    Robert Fripp
    Hans-Joachim Roedelius
    piano, electric piano
    Dieter Moebius
    bass Fender piano
    Kurt Schwitters
    Shirley Williams
    Rhett Davies
Brian Eno:
all instruments
    Percy Jones
    (1,14,16): bass guitar
    Phil Collins
    (1,13,16): percussion;
    Paul Rudolph
    (1,13,16): guitar
    Bill MacCormick
    (4): bass guitar
    Dave Mattacks
    (4): percussion
    Fred Frith
    (4,17): electric guitar
    Robert Fripp
    (5): electric guitar
    John Cale
    (13): viola;
    Rod Melvin
    (13): electric piano; Rhett Davies
    (17): trumpet.

Brian Eno
synthesizer, electric piano
Robert Wyatt
Christina Fast
Christine Gomez
Brian Eno
synthesizer, bass, keyboards, vocals, electronics
Michael Beinhorn
Michael Brook
Axel Gros
Jon Hassell
Bill Laswell

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