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Out of Season

a Live Video release

Release Year: 2010

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Over 6 hours of music, recorded over 3 nights at the Marillion Weekend 2009.

Filmed with 16 Cameras by the makers of 'Somewhere in London', this DVD is the definitive Marillion Live experience. 47 songs spanning Marillion's 30 year career brought to you in a visually stunning format with uncompressed Stereo & DTS audio.

The 3 separate DVD's are presented in a deluxe Box set with a slip case & photo booklet.

  • Disc 1 features the whole of the 1989 album 'Seasons End' plus 5 tracks from 2008's 'Happiness Is The Road'.
  • Disc 2 includes all the songs from the Saturday night set counting down the years from 2008 - 1981. The audio from this night is also available on the Racket Records CD 'Tumbling Down The Years'.
  • Disc 3 features all the long songs from the Sunday night 'Shortest Setlist in The World'. The audio from this night is also available on the Racket Records CD 'Size Matters'.
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  1. The King Of Sunset Town
  2. Easter
  3. The Uninvited Guest
  4. Seasons End
  5. Holloway Girl
  6. Berlin
  7. After Me
  8. Hooks In You
  9. The Space...
  10. The Bell In The Sea
  11. The Release
  12. The Man From The Planet Marzipan
  13. Essence
  14. Asylum Satellite #1
  15. Whatever Is Wrong With You
  16. Happiness Is The Road
  17. Postcard From PZ


  1. This Train Is My Life
  2. Somewhere Else
  3. Real Tears For Sale
  4. A State Of Mind
  5. The Damage
  6. Genie
  7. Drilling Holes
  8. When I meet God
  9. Map Of The World
  10. A Legacy
  11. Cathedral Wall
  12. Estonia
  13. An Accidental Man
  14. Out Of This World
  15. The Lap Of Luxury
  16. Hard As Love
  17. No One Can
  18. The Party
  19. Cover My Eyes
  20. Slainte Mhath
  21. Garden Party


  1. A Few Words For The Dead
  2. This Town/The Rakes Progress
  3. 100 Nights
  4. This Is The 21st Century
  5. Ocean Cloud
  6. If My Heart Were A Ball It Would Roll Uphill
  7. Interior Lulu
  8. Kayleigh/ Lavender/
  9. Heart of Lothian
  10. The Invisible Man
  11. This Strange Engine
  12. Neverland
Steve Hogarth
Steve Rothery
Pete Trewavas
Bass, Vocals
Mark Kelly
Ian Mosley

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