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a Live release
Porcupine Tree

Release Year: 2010

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This download from the band's website comprises a complete 2 hour live performance from the Fear of a Blank Planet tour.

The show was recorded and mixed to the usual PT standards in order to provide material for a planned live album, but when the decision was taken to film much of the same repertoire in Holland for a major DVD release instead, the Atlanta recording ended up back in the vault.

Now PT have decided to make it available in complete form as a download only release. Although the repertoire is similar to that on the Anesthetize DVD, the performance has its own atmosphere, and also includes the first ever officially released live recording of "A Smart Kid".

Please note that all Porcupine Tree's and Burning Shed's profits from the sale of the Atlanta 24 bit Flac download will go the Teenage Cancer Trust (
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Entry Last Updated on: 12/31/2010 8:12:00 AM by: Rob
  1. Fear of a Blank Planet (9:31)
  2. What Happens Now? (8:04)
  3. Sound of Muzak (5:16)
  4. Sentimental (5:37)
  5. Drown With Me (5:51)
  6. Anesthetize (17:30)
  7. Open Car (4:45)
  8. Dark Matter (8:51)
  9. Cheating the Polygraph (8:38)
  10. A Smart Kid (5:31)
  11. Blackest Eyes (4:58)
  12. Half-Light (5:59)
  13. Way Out of Here (7:42)
  14. Sleep Together (8:46)
  15. Even Less (6:11)
  16. Halo (7:24)
Steven Wilson
Guitar, Vocals
Richard Barbieri
Colin Edwin
Gavin Harrison
John Wesley
Guitar, Vocals

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