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a Live release

Release Year: 1998

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Limited of 500 copies
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  1. Memory Lain
  2. Headloss
  3. It's a sad ,sad affair
  4. The dog , the dog , he's at it again
  5. Cold as ice
  6. Somewhere in your heart
  7. Traveling ways
  8. I know why you're laughing
  9. Liar
  1. Nine feet underground
  2. Behind you
  3. It's not real
  4. For Richard
  5. Golf girl
  6. If I could do it all over again, I'd do it all over you
Pye Hastings
guitar, vocals
Richard Coughlan
Dave Sinclair
Geoffrey Richardson
viola, flute
im Leverton
bass, vocals
Doug Boyle
lead guitar
Simon Bentall

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