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Classic Meets Rock

a Live Video release
Barclay James Harvest

Release Year: 2006

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  1. The Song (They Love To Song)
  2. Crazy City
  3. Prelude
  4. January Morning
  5. Back In The Game
  6. Yesterday's Heroes
  7. Rock 'N' Roll Star
  8. Mockingbird
  9. Hold On
  10. Berlin
  11. Ring Of Changes
  12. Play To The World
  13. That Was Then...This Is Now
  14. Life Is For Living
  15. Hymn
  16. Love On The Line
  17. Shadows On The Sky
Les Holroyd
Vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Michael Byron-Hehir
lead guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Colin Browne
keyboards, backing vocals
Ian Wilson
backing vocals, rhythm guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, bass guitar
Paul Walsham
drums, percussion
Steve Butler
keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Prague Philharmonic

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