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In the Spirit of Things

a Studio release

Release Year: 1988

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Entry Last Updated on: 6/1/2010 11:50:00 PM by: Rob
  1. Ghosts (4:18)
  2. One big sky (5:17)
  3. Inside of me (4:42)
  4. One man, one heart (4:20)
  5. House on fire (4:42)
  6. Once in a lifetime (4:14)
  7. Stand beside me (3:28)
  8. I counted on love (3:33)
  9. The preacher (4:18)
  10. Rainmaker (6:44)
  11. T.O. Witcher. (1:39)
  12. Bells of Saint James (5:39)
Rev. James Cleveland
Steve Morse
Guitar, Vocals
Steve Walsh
Keyboards, Vocals
Terry Brock
Steve Croes
Keyboards, Synclavier
Phil Ehart
Bob Ezrin
Percussion, Vocals
Billy Greer
Bass, Vocals
John Pierce
Bass, Fretless Bass
Greg Robert
Keyboards, Vocals
Rich Williams

Reviewed by MJBrady on 18 Oct 2003

This cd essentially was a continuation of the Steve Morse experiment found on the previous POWER album. And the band found itself continuing to search for not only a new audience, but trying to get the dedicated older fans back, yet by enlisting a commitee of non-Kansas musicians as session artists hardly helped the outcome of this album, quite possibly the bands least popular seller. This is not a horrible cd, but the era was sharply shifting it's tastes, and the band wasn't able to produce and radio friendly tunes, or anything strikingly progressive to keep the interest in the band from waning.

It was an eyeopener to me to see that this cd quickly ended up in many used bin in large quantities, a key indicator that even the fans that purchased the music, didn't hear the same kind of music they had grown to love. It appeared as though the group had accepted the idea that they had become an obsolete product in the market, and each attempt to fit in left them more and more unidentifiable as a set genre, and alienating their most dedicated fans, progressive rockers. This album would prove to be the bands last studio effort for the next 9 years before the 1995 Freaks of Nature recording.