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Rebirth: The Big Machine

a Studio release
High Spy

Release Year: 2006

Date Label Catalog # Comments
03 Jan 2006 self-released HS01 CD (Limited Edition), Digital
2008 CD (with bonus tracks)
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  1. Somewhere in Between
  2. Big Machine
  3. Climbing Frame
  4. Clue
  5. Paradise
  6. Frontline
  7. Nobody Like You
  8. Always Be There
  9. Picture Glass Theatre
  10. Year by Year
Bonus Tracks: Acoustic Live (2008 CD Re-issue)
  1. Clue
  2. Move The Earth
  3. Secret Garden
Mark Price
Ade Peddie
vocals, guitars, harmonica
Lee Weston
bass, vocals
Arran Powell
drums, percussion