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Parallels [DVD+Remastered CDs]

a Video release
Fates Warning

Release Year: 2010

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DVD with unreleased concert material/interviews and behind the scenes shots
With double audio CD with re-mastered album, Live recordings and demo tracks
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  • Live in New Haven, Connecticut USA on 13 februari 1992.
  • Iinterviews from 2009 with band, producer Terry Brown and Metal Blade Records director Brian Slagel.
  • Behind the scenes interviews from the 1992 Fates Warning tour.
    Parallels (geremasterd)
  1. Leave The Past Behind
  2. Life In Still Water
  3. Eye To Eye
  4. The Eleventh Hour
  5. Point Of View
  6. We Only Say Goodbye
  7. Don’t Follow Me
  8. The Road Goes On Forever
    Parallels, Live In Hollywood
  1. Leave The Past Behind
  2. Don’t Follow Me
  3. Eleventh Hour
  4. Point Of View
  5. Eye To Eye
  6. Nothing Left To Say
  7. Quietus
  8. Through Different Eyes
  9. Bonus DEMO Tracks

  10. Leave The Past Behind
  11. Eye To Eye
  12. Eleventh Hour
  13. Point Of View
  14. Don’t Follow Me
Ray Alder
Joe DiBiase
Jim Matheos
Mark Zonder
Percussion, Drums
    James LaBrie
    Backing Vocals
    on Life in Still Water