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Porcupine Tree

Release Year: 2010

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RoadRunner Records
Anesthetize was filmed live over 2 nights in Tilburg, The Netherlands in October 2008, at the end of the Fear of a Blank Planet tour. The 130 minute live film includes a complete performance of the Blank Planet album and 11 other tracks, and was directed and edited by Lasse Hoile on high definition cameras, with the soundtrack mixed into stereo and 5.1 sound.
Deluxe special edition of Anesthetize includes a 130 minute concert film on both standard definition DVD and high definition Blu-Ray disc. Additionally, the package includes two audio CDs of the entire live film soundtrack, alongside a bonus track not featured in the film. Limited to 4,000 copies with a grey cover and 1,000 copies with a red cover, the special edition comes in a cloth bound hardback book featuring concert photography of the band taken over the last few years
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  1. Fear of a Blank Planet
  2. My Ashes
  3. Anesthetize
  4. Sentimental
  5. Way Out of Here
  6. Sleep Together
  7. Normal
  8. Stars Die
  9. Open Car
  10. What Happens Now?
  11. Wedding Nails
  12. Dark Matter
  13. Half-Light
  14. Sever
  15. Blackest Eyes
  16. Sleep of No Dreaming
  17. Halo
Steven Wilson
vocals, guitar, keyboards
Richard Barbieri
Colin Edwin
Gavin Harrison
John Wesley
backing vocals, guitar

Reviewed by Rob on 10 Jun 2010

My first Porcupine Tree album was Stupid Dream in 1999. Hard to believe that it's more then 10 years ago!!. Now Porcupine Tree is my favourite British band and I was lucky to see them Live several times. With only one change in members (Garrison for Maitland) over the years this band has a 20 year sollid carreer.
Starting out as a Steve Wilson project the band evolved from a Space Rock band with ambiant soundsamples to a band with a sound of it's own.
Best compliment that several other talented bands are influenced by them and that we reviewers refer to those bands as PT-clones.

This Porcupine Tree DVD is recorded in 013-Tilburg, my hometown,from the two concerts of the Fear of a Blank Planet tour in 2008. I am still sad about the fact that I was too late to buy a ticket. SOLD OUT !!!

Blessed by the fact that many Prog-DVD-s are recorded here makes it even more STUPID that I missed this DREAM of a concert.

Supported by the excellent John Wesley on guitar and vocals this again is a quality product from these guys
With -world class- drummer Gavin Harrison, Porcupine Tree is more rocking and less Space. In no time the crowd is at their feet

For fans that never seen them or where Stupid like me not to buy a ticket I recommend this DVD as the ultimate concert !! Must Have Quality !!

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