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And Live Goes On.... In Poland

a Live Video release
The Black Noodle Project

Release Year: 2009

Date Label Catalog # Comments
19 Nov 2009 Oskar Productions Oskar 1047 CD
19 Nov 2009 Oskar Productions Oskar 1005 DVD
This digipack album contains a 12 tracks CD, recorded in february 2009, during the Black Noodle’s tour in Poland, and a DVD including about one hour of live footage, a 30mn documentary about the tour, a video clip, and a video teaser from the album Eleonore
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  1. Awareness
  2. Hope
  3. Lost
  4. Time Has passed
  5. Escape
  6. 1(3Bute)2
  7. Garden of Delights
  8. Resistance
  9. To Pink from Blue
  10. Somewhere between Here & There
  11. Where Everything is Dark
  12. She Prefers Her Dreams

DVD :  Live in Konin, Poland, recorded on february 28th 2009.

  • In the Tour Bus with The Black Noodle Project (french, english & polish subs)
  • Video clip Lost
  • Teaser Eleonore
Jeremie Grima
Anthony Leteve
Sebastien Bourdeix
Fabrice Berger