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a Live release
John Wetton

Release Year: 1999

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1999 Giant Electric Pea GEPCD 1025
1999 Avalon MICY-1149
2008 Isol Discus Organization POCE-19017
2008 Universal Music GQCP-59073
Recorded live in Bydgoszcz and Krakow, Poland in May 1998 with additional material recorded in France, Switzerland and Holland
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  1. Intro - Guitar Concerto
  2. The Last Thing On My Mind
  3. Sole Survivor
  4. Book Of Saturday
  5. Emma
  6. Tatras
  7. In The Dead Of Night
  8. Bygosh!!
  9. Easy Money
  10. Rendezvous 6:02
  11. The Birth Of Igor
  12. After All
  13. Starless
  14. The Night Watch
John Wetton
bass, vocals
Martin Orford
Keyboards, Flute and Backing Vocals
David Kilminster
Guitars and Backing Vocals
Steve Christey