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a Studio release

Release Year: 1985

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This is their self-produced first recording which was a 500 copy limited edition when first released.
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  1. Échec et mat/ Checkmate (4:49)
  2. Les Passants/ The Stowaway (5:40)
  3. L'allée des martyrs/ Road to Martyrdom (10:12)
  4. Brouillard/ Fog (9:02)
  5. Rencontres/ Encounters (7:44)
  6. La Maison-Dieu/ A Tower Struck Down (8:43)
  7. Lac d'orgueil/ Lake of Vanity (4:37)
  8. L' expatrié/ The Expatriate (7:05)
  9. L'homme fangeux/ The Miry Man (5:22)
  10. Égrégore/ Assembly of Spirits (7:30)
François Émond
flute, violin, synthesizer, electric piano, clarinet, voice
Pascal Globensky
guitar, bass
Sabin Hudon
Rémi Leclerc
drums, percussion
Marc Petticlerc
synthesizer, organ, bass, electric piano
Denis Robitaille
bass, electric piano, stick, voice

Reviewed by MJBrady on 26 Jan 2002

Miriodir on this, the bands first album, was already showing they were a very mature group from the standpoint of musicianship and writing. Some may call the a RIO band, but I would like to differ, in that Miriodir music is much more accessable and easy to decipher than most RIO I have heard. They have the odd combinations of sax, flutes, violins, keyboards, that will play in the disharmonic duets, but it always comes out with a purpose never sounding noisy, or avant garde. They play quirky and fast at times, and the real gift of their music lies in the compiled nuances that are being played in simultaneous chaotic order. Yes, this is conflict of terminology, but this music is deserving of such meandering baffling, as to compare my mere words to the perplexing music that is being produced by this band. A band such as this would do well as soundtrack composers, as they are so adept at creating a sound that can inspire one's imagination. A very good debut, although the more recent efforts are showing a marked improvement in every aspect.