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A Curious Feeling

a Studio release
Tony Banks

Release Year: 1979

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1979 LP
1992 CD Blue Plate CAROL-1823-2
1979 LP Charisma 2207
First solo effort
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  1. From the Undertow (2:46)
  2. Lucky Me (4:26)
  3. The Lie (4:58)
  4. After the Lie (4:49)
  5. A Curious Feeling (3:58)
  6. Forever Morning (6:02)
  7. You (6:28)
  8. Somebody Else's Dream (7:50)
  9. The Waters of Lethe (6:31)
  10. For a While (3:38)
  11. In the Dark (2:58)
Chester Thompson
Percussion, Drums
Kim Beacon
Tony Banks
Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals

Reviewed by Marc on 03 May 2004

In my opinion this is by far Tony Banks best solo album. Although there are a couple of more pop oriented tracks, the music on A Curious Feeling can be compared to the best tracks produced by the post-Gabriel version of Genesis. Too bad that Banks would not pursue in that direction after that. Highly recommended.