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The River Of Constant Change - A Genesis Tribute

a Studio release
Tributes: Genesis

Release Year: 1995

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1995 Mellow Records MMP 270
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 12/18/2001 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 3/17/2017 2:07:00 PM by: DBSilver
  1. Dusk
  2. Can-Utility And The Coastliners
  3. Carpet Crawlers
  4. Living Forever
  5. Time Table
  6. Blood On The Rooftops
  7. Lilywhite Lilith
  8. Harlequin
  9. Ravine
  10. The Day The Light Went Out
  11. Am I Very Wrong? / A Place To Call My Own
  12. Horizons
  13. Looking For Someone
  14. The Light Dies Down On Broadway
  15. Entangled
  16. Watcher Of The Skies
  17. Harmless Heart
  18. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
  19. White Mountain
  20. No Son Of Mine
  21. In The Rapids
  22. Wot Gorilla?
  23. Afterglow
  24. The Chamber Of 32 Doors

Algebra (1)

Decode (2)

Notturno Concertante (3)

Moongarden (4)

Lincoln Veronese (5)

Queen Of Maybe (6)

Art & Illusion (7)

Finisterre (8)

T.M.B. (9)

Legend (10)

Nostalgia (11)

Max Michieletto (12)

Graziano Romani (13)

Dracma (14)

Submarine Silence (15)

Seconds Out (16)

Mysia (17)

Mirage (18)

Evolution (19)

Final Conflict (20)

Irrgarten (21)

Paul Ward (22)

Unicorn (23)

Galahad (24)

Reviewed by DBSilver on 18 Dec 2001

The keys to successful Tribute albums are an interesting song selection and the addition of some new quality or interpretation to the performance of those songs. A tribute can fail when:
- the songs selected are the most popular and least in need of a re-visit and/or
- the performance is so faithful to the original recording that is nothing new added to the re-visit. The River of Constant Change is a necessary addition to the collection of Genesis fans. In most cases on this double CD the songs chosen are interesting and surprising and the performances bring something new to the sound. While not every song works perfectly, most of this CD is neither boring nor is it overly familiar. The River of Constant Change suceeds by selecting some surprising songs and in most cases by successfully bringing something new and fresh to the various tracks.
Disc 1
1. Dusk - Algegra starts us off with a cool interpretation including a sax! interlude which highlights this performance.
2. Decode deliver a rather faithful version of Can-Utility and the Coastliners. The singing is sometimes a like that of Gabriel's and the recording sounds to be mixed in the same way - where the vocals are not out front and the overall sound is a bit muddy.
3. Notturno Concertante draw darker colors into the very familiar The Carpet Crawlers. The pacing and vocal harmonies (unfortunately a too-heavy accent) are fairly original.
4. Moongarden's Living Forever is asuccess given that the song is at best average.
5. Time Table as performed by Lincoln Veronese suffers from the heavy accent of the performer. Worse, the song is performed rather faithfully.
6. Queen of Maybe do a pleasent enough job with Blood on the Rooftops although they are unable to transcend the fact that this is not a great song to begin with.
7. Art & Illusion perform Lilywhite Lilith nicely albiet a bit rushed while bringing bring tempo, harmony, and instrumental-mix changes to this song. Not a highlight, but a successful inclusion.
8. Harlequin by Finistere have woodwind sounds in the background are very very nice although the song and performance is otherwise very bland.
9. T.M.A. give us an ambient or electronica version of Ravine. Nothing spectacular here.
10. Legend tackles The Day the Light Went Out head on. The band does not bend to the song. A female lead vocal and a forceful approach makes this quite a different song. I don't necessarilly like it a lot, but that is not the point - it is a successful tribute and a real change of pace in this double CD.
11. Nostalga performs Am I Very Wrong?/A Place to Call My Own with a very distracting accent dragging an already mediocre song down further.
12. Twilight Alehouse is a real oldie - and unfamiliar to many Genesis fans as it was not released on any of the Genesis albums of the day (although available on some Charisma Various Artist Compliations). Men of Lake do a great job with this song progging and rocking through it with the power it requires. A jazzy interlude in the middle is very surprising and very cool. The closing siren is absent - a highlight of the original song. Still, this song along with a some other tracks on this CD exemplify what makes a successful tribute.
13. Italians, Germainale, take on The Knife a challenge since the song itself (like Nursry Cryme) is not easilly interpretted. The recording level of this song is too, the vocals are weak, but the guitar solo's and the song's outro jams are great stuff
14. The Ancient Veil bring a German accent to The Lamia but that is not all. They also bring a very interesting musical interpretation. The choice of instrumentation is outstanding and the song is delivered with a more urgent meter. At 7 minutes, they take risks with the song and the result is the highlight on this CD.
Disc 2
1. Max Michieletto's solo acoustic guitar performance of Horizons would do Steve Hackett or Leo Kottke proud. The result is a new song - from the old one.
2. Graziano Romani turns Looking for Someone into a emotion-filled rock - though not a terrible prog ballad - and the result is a song that sounds new but vaguely familiar. Romani's vocals are about as far as one can get from Gabriel or Collins and the result is an example of why a tribute recording should be made.
3. The Light Lies Down on Broadway is one of my favorite songs on the original Lamb but Dracma has little to bring to the song. They up the tempo a bit, and make a stab at originality with a nice instrumental interlude, but the accented vocals are unfortunately severe.
4. Entangled is a very slow balad from Trick of the Tail which Submarine Silence deliver as an almost New Age instrumental. The song works in this format a lot better than many songs covered in this genre but is a bit long for my tastes.
5. Second's Out deliver a live but otherwise unnecessary performance of Watcher of the Skies.
6. Hairless Heart is a beautiful Genesis instrumental interlude extended in length and delivered beautifully by Mysia
7. Mirage tackle Dancing with the Moonlit Knight and survive a very rough start to deliver a satisfactory and musically fresh interpretation. The vocals survive the accent simply because the performance is so strong.
8. White Mountain from Trespass is wonderfully updated by Evolution with the result being a better song than the original.
9. Final Conflict bring new life to No Son of Mine in a rather straight-forward rock format with nice vocals and guitars.
10. In the Rapids with it's seque into Riding the Scree is another of my fav's from The Lamb which makes the possiblity of success for a tribute performance - in this case by Irrgarten - all the more difficult. But this is another success story. The guitar part is just great and they go after the song without trying to immitate or out-do the original. As a result, you have a song that might be works very well. Unfortunatly the end at just over 3 minutes and without the sequed song that follows on the original.
11. Wot Gorilla? is an interesting instrumental from Paul Ward with many different touches from the original - most significantly in the beat and the the drums.
12. Afterglow is a rather syrupy song from the immediate post-Gabriel period of Genesis. The approach givin this song here is is enjoyable enough due to the electronic touches and the smooth bottom-end employed. The original song's major feature was that of Collins wonderful vocals presenting a challenge to anyone covering it. Unicorn downplay this element by performing the vocals rather straight and instead adding musical flourishes that bring it qualified success.
13. The Chamber of 32 Doors closes the set. Galahad is one of the more well known bands on this tribute and the song they choose is not an easy one to undertake in tribute. Vocals are nice and the song is adjusted from the original.