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Official Bootleg: When Dream and Day Reunite [DVD]

an Official Booleg release
Dream Theater

Release Year: 2004

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taped at March 6th 2004 show in Los Angeles, as well as an Audio Commentary by Dream Theater, rehearsal and soundcheck footage and a 70 minute documentary on the original WDADU told through live footage and interviews with the band circa 1988/1989.
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  1. A Fortune In Lies
  2. Status Seeker
  3. Ytse Jam
  4. The Killing Hand
  5. Light Fuse And Get Away
  6. Afterlife
  7. The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun
  8. Only A Matter Of Time
  9. To Live Forever
  10. Metropolis


  • Audio Commentary by Dream Theater
  • WDADU Rehearsal and Sound Check Footage "I Can Remember When..."
  • A 70 minute documentary from the Portnoy Archives looking back at the original WDADU album. A song by song recount told through live footage and interviews with the band circa 1988/1989
James LaBrie
John Petrucci
John Myung
Mike Portnoy
Jordan Rudess
    Charlie Dominici
    vocals (9 & 10)
    Derek Sherinian
    keyboards (10)

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