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Orbital Attempt

a Studio release
Ioannis Anastassakis

Release Year: 2009

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Released by Wild Rose Angel Productions (WRAP CD 1003)
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 5/27/2009 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 5/8/2018 10:04:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. The Promised Land - 5:46
  2. Astrochicken's Victorious Attack - 5:37
  3. Weird Thing - 7:21
  4. A Mi Madre (Soleares) (live solo flamenco guitar) - 5:20
  5. Orbital Attempt - 8:39
  6. Progressive Minds - 11:24
  7. Veridiana (Rumba Flamenca) (solo flamenco guitar) - 4:04
  8. Abort Horizon - 6:34
  9. The Greek Guitar Power Jam - 8:29
  10. Bonus: Ioannis Anastassakis Guest Solos 2008 = 2:45
  11. Bonus: The Greek Guitar Power Jam (Backing Track) - 7:53

Ioannis Anastassakis
guitar, bass

Bob Katsionis
bass keyboards, drum programming


Vaggelis Yalamas: bass (1)

Reviewed by MJBrady on 23 Jan 2010

Greek shred guitar virtuoso Ioannis Anastassakis teams with Bob Katsionis doing the keyboards for an 11 track recording that covers just about every genre that can be shredded to. Both are vicious players and do not hold back in the least, Ioannis has quite a pedigree as a guitarist having been well schooled by some excellent players, suffice it to say that he has become equal to his mentors, and uses this cd to display the virtues of his years of training and education. 

Stand out songs to my ears on this cd are A Mi Madre (Soleares) a flamenco acoustic piece which shows a far different side of Anastassakis' playing, also #6 Progressive Minds, which is an 11 minute suite of prog ladened music, full of chops and creativity. If you are not familiar with Bob Katsionis, he is also an excellent guitarist from Greece, and has equal skills as a keyboardist, he has some solo cds also reviewed here at Proggnosis, he provides the counter punch to Anastassakis' guitar playing by taking turns on solos with his deft synth playing.

While not ground breaking music, the musicianship is stellar, and while I could complain about the programmed drumming, it really doesn't affectct he overall listenability of this cd. This is a very enjoyable collection of songs from a couple of musicians that are at the highest level of musicianship on their respective instruments.