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a Studio release

Release Year: 2009

Date Label Catalog # Comments
2009 Karisma Records KAR046 CD
11 Jun 2021 Karisma Records CD (Remastered), LP

Identity originally comprised remixed/remastered versions of eight songs taken from the EPs: Sounds That I Hear and Safetree (with some of the guitars and vocals re-recorded).

In 2021 a remastered version by Jacob Holm-Lupo was issued by Karisma Records.

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Entry Last Updated on: 6/2/2021 8:18:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Prelude
  2. No Escape
  3. Safe Like You
  4. Steal My Soul
  5. Feeling Less
  6. Colours
  7. How I Wanna Be
  8. Sounds That I Hear

Asle Tostrup
vocals, guitar

Bjørn Riis
lead guitar

Jorgen Hagen

Anders Hovdan

Joachim Slikker
drums, bass

Reviewed by Rob on 05 Feb 2010

This Norwegian band is also known as a Pink Floyd Tribute band The Pink Floyd Experience.
The easy way to review this band is to put them in a corner as a non inspirational and second hand-copy-band. I don't agree with this easy conclusion.
Airbag is much more than a band inspired by Pink Floyd

From 2001 the band is releasing own material. The Live album Crying out in Oslo and three ep-s.
Now, at last, a full studio album.
The songs are all re-recorded from two of those ep-s.

  • Prelude Sounds 2002-That I Hear
  • No Escape 2007-Safetree
  • Safe Like You 2002-Sounds That I Hear
  • Steal My Soul 2007-Safetree
  • Feeling Less 2002-Sounds That I Hear
  • Colours 2007-Safetree
  • How I Wanna Be 2002-Sounds That I Hear
  • Sounds That I Hear 2002-Sounds That I Hear

  • Airbag's music has a lot of multi layered melodies with long notes of strings/organ/piano and electric guitar in an dreamy atmosphere and total relaxation.
    The music is pleasant to hear and close to bands like No-Man-Archive-Radiohead-LIVE-Gazpacho and of course, laid back Pink Floyd.

    For the people that are not confinced: Go the the bands webpage and get the free downloads of Live concerts (2008-Live in Oslo) (2009 Live in Oslo).