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Opus 1

a Live Cassette release
After Crying

Release Year: 1991

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1991 Katakomba Kiadó 001 Cassette
2009 Periferic Records BGCD 198 CD

CD Reissue of After Crying - Opus 1This this the very first recording of After Crying, originally released on cassette in 1991. The program consists of recordings made in concerts in February, 1988 in Szkéné Theater (Budapest), in May, 1988, Porto, as well as in January, 1989, in the Academy of Music (Budapest).

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  1. Part I - 26:57
  2. Part II - 23:23
  3. Part III - 5:16

Egervári Gábor

Pejtsik Péter

Vedres Csaba


Viktória Chamber Choir (dir. Farkas Mária): choir
Andrejszki Judit: voice
Major Nagy Zsolt: trumpet