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a Studio release
After Crying

Release Year: 2009

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This CD is the re-edition of the cassette originally released in 1991. The songs were written by Vedres Csaba in collaboration with Pejtsik Péter. Burundi folk music and a lament from Transsylvania have been used in the recordings. Hungarian lyrics: Egervári Gábor, English lyrics: Pejtsik Péter
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  1. Greeting I.
  2. Ship
  3. She had...
  4. Squad / Whisper song / Greeting II. / Jesus dulcis memoria / Samba
  5. Empty space
  6. Fly!
  7. Obituary
  8. Generation
  9. Wailing / Greeting III.

Egervári Gábor
flute, vocals

Pejtsik Péter
cello, vocals

Vedres Csaba
piano, vocals, synths

Szerb Katalin
violin, vocals


Hontvári Csaba:  trumpet

Makovecz Pál:  trombone

Vesztergombi Dávid:   alto

Fogolyán Kristóf:  flute

Maroevich Zsolt:  viola