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Mixtaped / Rreturning

a Live Video release

Release Year: 2009

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Tim Bowness and Steve Wilson. Recorded in August 2008 at the band's first gig for 15 years.
Preorder copies of 'Mixtaped' bought from Burning Shed will include an exclusive bonus audio CD containing the highlights from the Bush Hall performance
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Entry Last Updated on: 4/27/2018 7:37:00 AM by: DBSilver
    No-Man's complete Bush Hall live performance with 5.1 and stereo options (90 minutes).
  1. Only Rain
  2. Time Travel In Texas
  3. All Sweet Things
  4. Pretty Genius
  5. All The Blue Changes
  6. Truenorth
  7. Wherever There Is Light
  8. Days In The Trees
  9. Lighthouse
  10. Carolina Skeletons
  11. Returning Jesus
  12. Mixtaped
  13. Things Change
  14. Watching Over Me
    • Live photo gallery including photos from all three of No-Man's first live concerts in 15 years, with an exclusive soundtrack of the song "Housekeeping" (recorded live in Dusseldorf).
    • 'Returning' - an 85 minute career-spanning documentary including previously unseen footage,
    • photos and images
    • in-depth interviews with every member of No-Man past and present (including Tim Bowness, Steven Wilson, Ben Coleman and Chris Maitland)
    • Extras - Complete videos for several No-Man songs spanning 1990-2009
    • Colours
    • Sweetheart Raw
    • You Grow More Beautiful
    • The Ballet Beast
    • Back When You Were Beautiful
      • No-Man chronology (the complete history of No-Man containing every gig, record release and significant event plus photographs from the relevant years), deleted scenes.
  1. Only Rain/Time Travel In Texas (9.39)
  2. All Sweet Things (6.42)
  3. Pretty Genius (3.48)
  4. Returning Jesus (4.49)
  5. Mixtaped (8.57)
  6. Things Change (8.19)
Tim Bowness
Steven Wilson
    Stephen Bennett
    Pete Morgan
    bass guitar
    Michael Bearpark
    Steve Bingham
    electric violin
    Andy Booker
    electronic drums