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A Mind's Portrait

a Studio release
Aeon Zen

Release Year: 2009

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Time Divide Records
Produced and mixed by Rich Hinks
Mastered at RPM Studios, London, UK
Cover art by Mattias Norén
Guests on A Mind's Portrait include: Andi Kravljaca (Silent Call), Matt Shepherd (Timefall), Nils K. Rue (Pagan's Mind), Andreas Novak (Novak, Mind's Eye), Cristian Van Schuerbeck (All Too Human) and Elyes Bouchoucha (Myrath)
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 4/22/2009 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 12/15/2015 5:01:00 PM by: DBSilver
  1. Existence
  2. Time Divine
  3. Blinded Rain
  4. Hope's Echo Pt. I
  5. Hope's Echo Pt. II
  6. A Mind's Portrait
  7. The Circle's End
  8. Heavens Falling
  9. Into the Infinite
  10. Goddess
  11. The Demise of the Fifth Sun

Lloyd Musto
drums and vocals

Rich Hinks
guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals


Andi Kravljaca

Matt Shepherd

Nils K. Rue

Andreas Novak

Cristian Van Schuerbeck

Elyes Bouchoucha

Reviewed by MJBrady on 12 Sep 2010

Aeon Zen, not a band, but a vehicle for which the musical exploits of which one multi-faceted musician is able to utilize for his  creative ideas.  Rich Hinks, who writes and performs nearly everything except the drums and vocals, has taken the approach that we have seen other progressive or power metal projects have done in the past.  Releases like: Genius-A Rock Opera, Ayreon, Explorers Club, Roswell Six, etc. Have featured multiple lead vocalists to give a face and personality to other project oriented artists output, sometimes with varying results. 

I feel the same can be said of this cd, as sometimes the vocals are the reason certain songs stand above others on this cd, Rich Hinks is a good guitarist, yet his other contributions do not stand out as much on keyboards or bass. As mentioned, the better tracks on this cd, for my tastes are where the vocalist stands out, particularly Nil K Rue, from Pagan's Mind, who is typically always very good, I found that some of the vocal performances were a bit strained sounding. Recording quality is decent, musical vision is very safe sounding, with no true identity having so many vocalists.

I would call the music Melodic Power Metal, as the progressive quotient is pretty non-existent, seeing Proggnosis is a progressive site, this cd, while having some very promising material, doesn't quite reach beyond standard, straight time, and fairly predictable melodic metal music. For what it is, it rates very good for that genre, not especially so for the fans of more prog-oriented metal.