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IC 25: 09-03 - Excerpts from Jesus Christ - The Exorcist

a FanClub release
Neal Morse (Inner Circle)

Release Year: 2009

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Exepts from the musical Jesus Christ forthcomming album from Neal; Morse
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 3/19/2009 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 1/24/2019 6:38:00 AM by: Rob
  1. Part 1(17:23)
  2. Part 2 (6:14)
  3. Part 4 (7:04)
  4. Part 5 (15:12)
  5. Samples of the whole show (13:50)
Neal Morse
All Instruments and Vocals as Peter and Judas
Mark Pogue
Vocals as Jesus
Michael Jackson
The Devil
Mita Pogue
Vocals as Mary Magdalene

Reviewed by Rob on 20 Mar 2009

The Inner Circle series of Neal Morse are free bi-monthly recordings from the private archives of Neal to his fans. To become a member of the Inner Circle you must get a subscription at
You get a monthly newsletter, forumdiscussion ect.
In this series of CD-s and DVD-s Neal has shared his music throughout his 20 year career.
The series includes audio and movies from his work from early years (80-s) as a bandmember from different projects and solo work previous to Spock's Beard and as a solo artist after leaving SB. Overlooking the 24 cd-s so far you get a good impression of him as a composer, multi-instrumentalist, bandmember and as a father.
After leaving Spocks Beard Neal Morse has dedicated his live to The Gospel. Also in the Inner Circle series we see him touring and performing in church services as a solo artist accompanied by friends and family.

This 24th release Neal Morse shares his demo/ruff edited work previous to the forthcoming release with working title Jesus Christ - The Exorcist

A bridge is easily made to Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar because of the storyline and the multi setting of vocalists to each character

According to Inner Circle with the musical be in two acts

Act One
Introduction - (Brief Orchestral piece) CLASSICAL MUSIC
Father, why have you forsaken me? - (Jesus sings lead – Jesus on the cross. Then he flashes back to his ministry which started 3 ½ years earlier.) GUITAR/VOCAL
Waiting for the Savior - (Men of Israel sing lead. The people of Israel are under Roman rule and longing for a deliverer.) MEDIUM ROCK
Preparing the Way – (John the Baptist sings lead. He is baptizing and getting people ready for Christ to come. At the end of the song Jesus enters and John baptizes him.) WIND AT MY BACK MEETS THE WHO
Jesus Baptism – (Duet between Jesus and John) PRETTY VOCAL DUET THAT BUILDS TO….
This is my beloved Son - (A massive choir sings. How else can you depict the voice of God?) HALLELUJAH CHORUS
Instrumental interlude ELP JAM WITH MP ON DRUMS
There’s a Highway - (Jesus sings lead. Jesus begins telling people the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Much of the Sermon on the Mount is in this song.) THE WHO WITH PAUL RODGERS ON VOCALS
The Woman of Seven Devils – (Mary Magdalene sings lead. She tells of her demon possessed life.) JOE WALSH BLUES WITH FEM SINGER
Musical interlude - (Dramatic interlude in which Jesus casts the devils out of her.) TYPICAL NEAL DRAMA GUITAR/CELLO MELODY
Free at Last – (Mary Magdalene sings lead. She tells of her new found freedom.) NICE BALLAD
Madman of the Gadarenes – (The Madman, Jesus and the demons all sing. Jesus casts the demons out of a possessed man.) THE DEMONS COME OUT AND SOUND LIKE ‘AUTHOR OF CONFUSION’!
Hosanna – (Sung by the cast. People are beginning to follow Jesus.) POP MUSIC WITH DANCE BIT IN THE MIDDLE. BROADWAY TYPE CAST NUMBER.
You Are My Lord (Peter’s song) – (Peter sings lead. People are confused about who Jesus is and Peter declares that he is the Son of God.) NEAL BALLAD
The Keys to the Kingdom – (Jesus sings lead. This is Jesus telling Peter that he is blessed. Then Jesus tells of his impending death and Peter argues with him.) POWERFUL MOMENT IN ¾ TIME
Get Behind Me Satan – (Jesus sings lead. Jesus rebukes Peter and tells him he must go to the cross.) FULL ON DEEP PURPLE/SABBATH! THIS RULES. MARK POGUE SOUNDS GREAT ON THIS ONE!
Hear, Oh Israel – (Rich Young Ruler and Jesus sing. Jesus answers questions.) MAJESTIC MELODIES.
The Devil Inside – (The Priests and Jesus sing. Jesus and the Pharisees challenge each other. Near the end many people come to follow Jesus. As he tells them some harder things like “Take up your cross and follow me” one by one they leave until there are only the 12 disciples left.) HEAVY ROCK MUSIC.
The Way of Love – (Jesus sings. He commends the 12 for giving their lives for the kingdom.) MEDIUM BALLAD
End of Act One
Act Two
Jerusalem - (The Disciples, Jesus, Mary and the priests all sing from their different perspectives about going up to Jerusalem for the Passover feast.) BROADWAY BEGINNING TO HEAVY MIDDLE. BACK TO BROADWAY FOR THE END.
Break the Chain – (Judas sings lead. Judas explains why he wants to betray Jesus.) DEEP PURPLE MEETS GRAND FUNK RAILROAD
Gethsemane – (Caiaphas, the Priests and Judas sing. They all plot to kill Jesus) CAST NUMBER WITH DIFFERENT STYLES
Last Supper – (Jesus, Disciples and Peter sing. The last supper. You know the deal. Then Judas leaves to get the guards while Jesus and the disciples go to Gethsemane. At the end of the song Judas comes with the guards and Jesus is taken to the High Priests house.) HIGH DRAMA. QUIET TO EAR SPLITTING.
Jesus before the Council – (Caiaphas, the Priests and Jesus sing. The priests accuse Jesus of blasphemy and send him to Pilate.) MORE DRAMA. THE ‘I AM’ SECTION IS VERY STRONG.
Peter’s Denial – (Peter sings as well as a servant girl and a man. What’s a gospel story without Peter’s denial?) JAZZY BEGINNING. REPRISE OF THE GTR/CELLO MELODY FOR THE END.
Judas’ Death – (Judas and Caiaphas sing. Judas feels remorse and hangs himself.) DRAMATIC ROCK.
Crucifixion – (musical interlude with a raging guitar solo. Short reprise of “Father, why have you forsaken me?) THUNDER CRACKS AS JESUS DIES.
Mary at the Tomb – (Mary Magdalene, Peter and Jesus and sing. Mary goes to the tomb to find it empty, runs and tells Peter who then leaves after discovering Jesus body gone.)THEATRICAL MUSIC
The Greatest Love of All – (Jesus and Mary sing this duet.) POWERFUL BALLAD
You Are My Lord (Reprise) – (Entire cast sings for the finale.) MEDIUM ROCK

Listening to the songs i'm very curious how the album eventually will become. Neal did not decide what to leave out yet. I hope production will improve and that this music get a propper symphony orchestra and choir. The louder pieces with Jesus Christ are sung by Mark Pogue and sound very much like the solo work of Glenn Hughes. Glenn's voice is more powerfull though and would be the ideal vocalist to perform Jesus (like Deep Purple's Ian Gillan) The project needs a big production to be succesfull
These songs or pieces of songs have potential to be the Broadway Gospel Classic Proggressive Musical hit of 2009.

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