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The Other Side of Pink -Tribute to Pink Floyd

a Studio release
Tributes: Pink Floyd

Release Year: 1997

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Helios Creed is credited as/for 'Mixing, Performer, Producer'.
The label, Cleopatra, claims Pigs On The Wing was recorded by Chrome. But you should be aware that The Other Side Of Pink Floyd is simply an abridged version of the earlier A Saucerful Of Pink double cd on which the song Pigs On The Wing is listed with the same cedits except that the performer is identified as Helios Creed.
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  1. Set Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Psychic TV)
  2. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) - (Controlled Bleeding)
  3. One Of These Days - (Spahn Ranch)
  4. Wots...Uh The Deal - (Sky Cries Mary)
  5. Learning To Fly - (Leather Strip)
  6. On The Run - (Din)
  7. Echoes - (Alien Sex Fiend)
  8. Hey You - (Furnace)
  9. Careful With That Axe, Eugene - (Nik Turner)
  10. Lucifier Sam - (The Electric Hellfire Club)
  11. Pigs On The Wing - (Chrome)
  12. Let There Be More Light - (Pressurehed)
  13. Young Lust - (Penal Colony)

Psychic TV (1)

Controlled Bleeding (2)

Spahn Ranch (3)

Sky Cries Mary (4)

Leather Strip (5)

Din (6)

Alien Sex Fiend (7)

Furnace (8)

Nik Turner (9)

The Electric Hellfire Club (10)

Chrome (11)

Pressurehed (12)

Penal Colony (13)