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The Mountain Queen

a Studio release

Release Year: 1973

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1973 LP
Mountain Queen is availeble as a two on one with debut album Marks
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  1. The Dance (13:00)
  2. Soft-Eyed Woman (2:38)
  3. Convicts Of The Air (3:50)
  4. Mountain Queen (14:45)
  5. Don and Dewey (1:27)
  6. Mr Barnum jr. Magnificient And Fabulous City (8:25)
Ferdinand Bakker
Ronald Ottenhoff
Sax and Flute
Dick Franssen
Organ- Keyboards
Michel van Dijk
Lead Vocals
Hein Mars
Paul Westrate
Drums and Percusion
Job Tarenskeen
Drums,Percusion,Sax, Vocals

Reviewed by Rob on 17 Aug 2001

In 1972-1973 the Alquin star is rising. After a great concert at "Pinkpop" (The biggest open-air festival in Holland) Alquin was asked to perform for the program "The Old Grey Wistle" in London. With the great producer Derek Lawrence (a.o.Deep Purple) "mountain Queen" was recorded. A very good Cd that made Alquin go touring in Europe. They were supporting act of "Golden Earring" and in France with "The Who". The mountain Queen is what I believe the best Alquin made. It's the most prog/sympho Rock. Later they wanted to make shorter songs to reach a bigger ordience.

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