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a Studio release

Release Year: 2001

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In 1999, Miriodor composed and recorded a music score for a documentary movie about the passage into the next millenium. This movie was directed by Denys Desjardins and produced by the National Film Board of Canada. The film was released in November 1999. In year 2000, Miriodor played in Chicago and in AnnArbour, for the EdgeFest Festival. There was also some compositions and recordings of a new repertoire done for Miriodor’s 5th album, released on Cuneiform Records, in September 2001. The band is now a sextet, including Marie-Soleil Bélanger, on violin.
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  1. La celebre boucle
  2. Le regne des termites
  3. Le sorcier
  4. Mine de rien
  5. Mille-pattes
  6. Toutes proportions gardees
  7. IGA
  8. Manguer de masters
  9. Le roi soldat
  10. Pas a ce que
  11. Singularite
  12. L'Inenvitable
  13. Avatar
  14. Le fantome de M.C.Escher
  15. La polka des spheres
Bernard Falaise
guitars, fretless bass, turn-table
Pascal Globensky
digital piano, synthesizers
Rémi Leclerc
drums, percussions, sampler
Nicolas Masino
bass, digital piano, keyboards
Marie-Chantal Leclair
Marie-Soleil Bélanger
Némo Venba