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Remedy Live

a Video release
Steve Howe

Release Year: 2005

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Yes guitarist and his band Remedy, featuring his two sons, perform a live concert at Newcastle in Spring, 2004
This exclusive feature captures Steve Howe performing many of his classic signature solo acoustic pieces in front of a live audience, filmed in 2004. TOUR STORY: The story of Steve's first solo band tour ever and the magic web of chemistry created behind the scenes on the Remedy European Tour 2004, featuring exclusive footage of the band in their own studio and rehearsal environment, interviews with band members on the road and backstage footage.
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  1. Small Acts Of Human Kindness
  2. Sensitive Chaos
  3. Country Viper
  4. Diary Of A Man Who Vanished
  5. Across The Cobblestone
  6. America/Southern Solo
  7. The Nature Of The Sea
  8. Where I Belong
  9. Pennants
  10. Excerpt From 'Close To The Edge'
  11. So Bad
  12. Lost Symphonywhile
  13. Rome'S Burning
  14. Raga/Mywhite
  15. Bicycle
  16. Wurm
  17. Excerpt From 'The Ancient' (Acoustic)
  18. J'S Theme (Acoustic)
  19. Mood For A Day (Acoustic)
  20. Second Initial (Acoustic)
  21. To Be Over (Acoustic)
  22. Intersection Blues (Acoustic)
  23. Clap (Acoustic)
Steve Howe
Guitar, Vocals
Ray Fenwick
Virgil Howe
Keyboards, Vocals
Dylan Howe
Derrick Taylor