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Roskilde '78

a Live release

Release Year: 2009

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Metal Mind Productions (MMPCDDG039)
This release was previously available only as part of the box Lost Tapes, Vol.1 (2005), this Metal Mind Productions issue is completely remastered.
In 1978 Roskilde was headlined by Elvis Costello and Bob Marley. SBB's concert was scheduled to take place right after Marley's, at the main orange stage. However, the band had to overcome several technical" problems to play that concert. During the load-out after Marley's show, his crew almost collected Jzef's Polymoog, because ist case was exactly the same as theirs. They were immensely surprised that someone from Europe already used Polymoog and, moreover, that the band came from Poland and that they were to play after Bob Marley. SBB's festival performances were usually a bit shorter and more compact than their club shows. So was their Roskilde concert. This time, "Going Away" suite was shortened. The rest of the set list was quite similar to their standard show and the concert ended with "Follow My Dream" and "Wiosenne chimery" played on two drums and synthesizers. The audience gave a very warm welcome to the band from Poland. The musicians remember that in the very beginning of their show people started to move towards their tents: after all, the festival's headliner had just finished his show. However, after "Walkin'." they came back and stayed till the end of the show. The new digipack edition of "Roskilde '78" is limited to 1000 copies, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process.
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  1. Walkin Around The Stormy Bay
  2. Going Away:
    • Going Away
    • (Zywiec) Mountain Melody
    • Loneliness Theme
  3. Deszcz Kroplisty, Deszcz Ulewny
  4. Ze Slowem Biegne Do Ciebie
  5. Follow My Dream Includes Wiosenne Chimery
Jozef Skrzek
vocals, keyboards (polymoog, minimoog, micromoog, sonicsixmoog Hohner clavinet D6, Fender piano, davolisint, concert spectrum)
Apostolis Anthimos
guitar, drums
Jerzy Piotrowski

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